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Cultural program

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Cultural program are held in muldhara.

Muldhara arrange Cultural program. Muldhara already arrange many programe in Bangladesh and abroad. Muldhara.

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Program Arrange

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  • Literary programmes
  • Seminars
  • Musical Shows
  • Cultural Festival
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Social Services

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Social Service GAAN SHUDHU GAAN on Betar Bangla 1503 AM, from 2:00pm to 3:30pm every Wednesday.

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  • History of Indian Restaurant In UK
  • Eumor Ekhusha Soronika
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Welcome to Muldhara

MULDHARA is an International centre for writers, journalists, artists, cultural activities and young people.

The word "Muldhara" literally translates into "mainstream". Therefore, our chief goal is to create a forum for discussion for writers, journalists, artists, cultural activities and young people, to improve the UK-Bengali cultural scene and integrate our artists and activists into the mainstream British and Bengali cultural arena.XHTML & CSS.

We also want to promote social messages, such as equality, female empowerment, etc to the UK Bengali Community, through Arts, Music and Drama, while ensuring the next generation stay true to their roots and Bengali heritage.

MULDHARA organizes literary programmes, seminars, musical shows, cultural festival (open air or stage). Apart from its cultural activities, MULDHARA is very much aware of social issues and community related problems. MULDHARA organizes and gets together all writers, journalists, artists, cultural-activists and involves them in various social activities.

General information
Muldhara UK is an extension to Muldhara Bangladesh. Currently, Muldhara UK have 2 very important activities, for people to get involved in:
1. Weekly Adda Mulshondha: Held every Tuesday, from 6:00 pm to 9:00pm at Muldhara office. This is an open forum for people to come and discuss issues, raise awareness, raise points, but also to share their talent and enjoy live music, poetry etc.
2. Weekly Musical Program GAAN SHUDHU GAAN, on Betar Bangla 1503 AM, from 2:00pm to 3:30pm every Wednesday. Song requests can be sent at 07908186006 by Text/SMS by calling Betar Bangla during the program at 09057220200. The host of the program is Singer NAHID NAZIA, General Secretary, Muldhara.

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General information

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Mr. Syed Al Farooque is an internationally reputed person & acclaimed poet and children’s writer. He has been writing since 1969. He was one of the leading Bengali poets of the seventies. I have authored of 30 books, 13 of them poetry 15 for children.

Titles of my work include : Urokhuro Mon (1982), Pramanno Shamsur Rahman (1983), Chhobir Moddhey Chhoby (1990),Tumi Khap-Khola Tolowar (1998), Bhalobashar Eksho Kobita (2001), Eka-I Eksho (2001), Syed Al Farooque-Er Kichchhu Bhallagena (2003), Amar Ami (2008) Shamne Thakar Mane (2012) Chole Jachchhi, Bole Jachchhi Opekkhay Theko (2012) KobitaShomogro 1 (2014)  from Bangladesh and Shreshthho Kobita (2003), Ekar Kachhe Ekta Jadoor Pencil Achhe (2003) from India.

He is the recipient of many important awards from Bangladesh, India and UK, including Ducsu (1980), Shishu Academy (1997), Jibonanondo Das (2003), Nurul Kader Foundation Puroshkar (2003), Shonghoti (2008), Gulshan Club (2014) for Literary contribution.
He has been also attended many international poetry and literary Festivals. He has broadcasted on Bangla Radio and TV channels in Bangladesh, India, UK and USA.
He is also experienced in various other cultural fields including song-writing, music video direction, directing and presenting literary programmes for television, working in Tower Hamlets as a president of Muldhara, and Member In-Charge for Arts & Culture, Mega Program, Library, Drama, Publication at Gulshan Club Dhaka.

Syed Al Farooque-President

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Mrs. Nahid Nazia have regularly performed Modern, Folk, Nazrul & Classical Songs as a higher A grade enlisted Singer since 1980 on Bangladesh Betar and a range of TV channels in Bangladesh including Channel I, ATN Bangla, NTV.

 In the UK,  She sung on Vecton TV, Bangla TV and Channel S. Furthermore, She directed, produced and presented a documentary called Shabash Bangal. 26 episodes were broadcast on Channel S.  She has also worked with film and music director Benjamin Till, and English music director Garoth in a Bangla Fusion music project as well as TV channels in India and the USA.
She has performed live in many countries and created seven albums, of one collaborating with renowned singers Shaan, Babul Suprio and Binodh Rathode.
As a General Secretary of MULDHARA, She has organised various cultural shows in Tower Hamlets as well as other parts of London, to cater for the Bangladeshi community in the UK.

Nahid Nazia - General Secretary